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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 26, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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see whether or not he could fit a woman in the oven.
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big enough if you fold her in half and curl up her legs. >> dark few days. in the race for the white house, our poll shows the governor romney with a slight lead over president obama. >> with just 11 days to go it is all up for grabs and depending more than ever on state ohio where abc's karen travers has been tracking the candidates. >> reporter: finishing off a marathon two-day campaign blitz, president obama rolled into the most critical battleground of all -- >> hello, ohio! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: ohio with its 18 electoral votes could be state that decide the next president. >> this send a message not just across ohio but across the whole country. this campaign is growing, the momentum is building, we are taking back america. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: polls in the battleground state show the president with edge. latest poll in ohio has him up by five. buckeye state voters are used to being center of political
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universe. this year they're being showered with attention. the president made 14 stops. the state he visited most in office. mitt romney, 15 trips. about a third of all vote nationwide will be cast before election day. and the campaigns are trying to lock down supporters now so they can focus on the true undecideds, as the clock ticks down. president obama cast his ballot in illinois. he is the first president to vote before election day. >> it means you don't have to -- figure out whether you need to take time off work. figure out how to pick up the kids. and, still -- cast your ballot. if something happens on election day, you will have already taken care of it. >> ohio is the key piece in mitt romney's electoral map puzzle. no republican has won the white house without winning here first. bu the obama campaign says their organization and ability to turn out their supporters, will carry them to victory. karen travers, abc news, cleveland, ohio. busy scene out there by
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karen. interesting development yesterday was that colin powell, arguably one of the most prominent african-americans in the country cam oe out and endorsed obama, did the same in 2008. asked about his rationale, one thing he pointed to was foreign policy. couldn't get a strong handle on where mitt romney stood on foreign policy. some flip-flops or ambiguous answers. again, backed the president. and you know, what weight that still has or doesn't have. who knows. clearly, another, you know another big name, throw in there, opinion out there. >> almost as big as meat loaf endorsing mitt romney. >> meat loaf put his two cents in. >> which is mitt romney's favorite food. >> is it really? >> what his wife says. >> good to know. >> i do love meat loaf, potatoes, bacon on top. >> you and mitt should go out on a hot date together. let the good times roll. >> you know me, meat and potatoes. how did we get there? in syria months of violence have
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come to a stop. the army agreed to a four day saes fire for a muslim holiday that started hours ago. now there are major loopholes in this agreement however. government says it will respond to rebel attacks and foreign fighters who might enter the country. some very encouraging news about the young pakistani girl shot and wounded by a taliban gunman. word this morning that she is speaking and shows no signs of brain damage. her parents are at her side in a british hospital. they arrived, just a couple hours ago. they say that she asked them to bring her textbooks from home. and of course, you know, she, she -- the whole reason that this happened was because she is trying how to get an education, which the taliban frowns upon. her father runs a school there in pakistan which opens its doors widely to any girl that wants to get an education. the triachea, a feeding tube, unable to speak until yesterday because of. >> when she could asked for the textbooks. says a lot about her character and spirit and cause.
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that's so great she is making the kind of recovery. >> it is. i can hear a song by the police at least in my head. message in a bottle. did you hear it too? >> i heard it. i heard it. >> not a whole lot going on in there. that's what 77-year-old kayaker found during one of her trips around the harbor in ocean side, california. >> not only one, vanhall found two bottles, both with messages in them from new zealand. they floated more than 6,000 miles. part of a school project about technology. >> there was no e-mail address in the message. so vanhall is going to get in touch with the school, via snail mail. like something out of a kevin costner film. >> exactly. exactly. kind of cool. >> message in a -- >> we need happy, encouraging news today. a lot. with. crimes here in new york. wow, so good. something happy in the world to end with. >> coming up if i yawn. see, contape jugioucontagious, .
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♪ girls gone wild ♪ just miles and miles
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>> girls gone wild indeed. here is a reminder now, actions, yeah, they have consequences. for all of the lady out there, keep them covered up if you don't want lots of people seeing them. >> keep what covered up? >> them. >> my eyes. >> exactly, the girls. >> let's say one young woman didn't do that and her actions led to a year's long legal battle. linsey davis reports that battle may be entering a final stretch. >> reporter: this is the image lindsay boyd says ruined her reputation and her life. a single frame of video that turned a teenage girl into a topless cover model. >> a stupid, split second decision that you make could follow you the rest of your life. >> reporter: lindsay boyd, now a 26-year-old mother was 14 when she was approached by two men with a video ka camera during a spring break trip to florida. >> i don't remember, i flashed them. >> reporter: the video sold to the makers of the girls gone
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wild video with her face plastered on the cover. >> they didn't have big equipment or girls gone wild t-shirts. >> reporter: boyd says she didn't find out until high school. >> teachers knew about it. coaches knew about it. it was devastating, embarrassing. >> reporter: in 2004 she sued the makers of the video arguing her image was used for commercial purposes without her extent. >> she bared her breasts for some man, men, unbeknownst to her, she didn't dream it would be used for in girls gone wild. >> reporter: the suit has been tied up in knots ever since. moving between state and federal courts. in part lawyers say because georgia law isn't clear on whether she has a case. what awe what the defendants are arguing is that she can't later claim, oh, her right of privacy was somehow violated beca)k she in fact consented to do this in a public arena. >> reporter: but now after years
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of legal wrangling, boyd's suit will finally be heard november 5th in georgia's supreme court. asked to decide if a now adult boyd has a right to sue over a teenage mistake. >> what people say and -- and think. it's forever. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> wow, that is forever. they have turned "girls gone wi wild" a multimillion dollar empire whatever you think of it morally. in this day and age, back then, video-cam, way past that, twitter, facebook, and you know on the phones. you have to be careful what you do in public. feels like no matter who you are where you are someone is always watching and can disseminate it like that. >> some one can get some dirt on you. some one who has a little envelope on you. >> everybody has something they wouldn't want out there. >> i will show that to my daughter. every hour of every day.
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>> yeah. >> just a reminder. >> you know. it's a voiceri voyeuristic worl. >> it is. >> something we know plenty about yawning. >> we will take a look at how our yawning brings about in man a's best friend.
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♪ i'm so tired ♪ i'm feeling so upset ♪ i'm so tired >> that could, song could put you to sleep. perfect overnight jam. >> lot of things could put me to sleep right now. >> your's the best. >> welcome back if you were watching yesterday you may have seen our hard working
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correspondent, nick watt, sitting there taking one for the team in a san francisco space slapping salon. and you actually took one for the team too. >> i did. they say it is supposed to do wonders for wrinkles, with circulation in your face, you know for $350, if i've remember correctly. expensive stuff. best video of the week. and nick a brave soul, dogged journalist for doing that. all that slapping had nick feeling -- >> poor guy. >> apparently nick likes it rough. had him feeling sleepy. he went to l.a. where he met other tired folks and their tired friend. >> reporter: darcy and charlie are on their way to the park. she yawns. he yawns. because he is feeling what she is feeling. >> you can tell from the sad mood, i will get a lick on the cheek, something look that. >> reporter: when you yawn, your dog yawns. swedish scientists here they are at work just proved that dogs actually empathize. that's why they find human yawns
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contagious. >> not just yawns, but they also took on the e motie emotion thag usually signifies, sleepiness and tiredness. >> reporter: it works well, 69% of the time. yawning is also contagious between humans and chimpanzees, baboons and not between us and tortoises. yep, some one looked into that. and, cats couldn't care less if you are tired. but will a dog yawn more for its owner, our swedish scientists say no. i say yes. because when i tried -- when melissa the owner tried. there you go. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> nick -- >> that's riveting stuff.
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that is really. >> life changing. >> you don't have a pet do you? >> just you, honey. and my husband. and my kids. they're kind of animals. >> we will be back with the morning "the mix." you disgust me.
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♪ happy birthday to you >> yes, indeed. >> happy birthday, rob. >> back on this day back in 1906, little paula faris was born in michigan. so, special edition of the mix to wish her a very happy birthday. >> 1906. >> you look good. >> 106 years old. aged in dog years. >> in this shift always on dog years. celebrated earlier in the office we had some, some cake and we had some, what, little snacks. all the good stuff. >> helped me blowout the candles. >> got a little winded. >> and this message. >> that's right.
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>> both of us have plenty of hot hair. >> paula blew out her cake. any hot plans for the weekend, anything classy? >> date night with the hubby. my mom came into town, carol faris flew in from michigan. >> she misses me buzz i ecause n awesome daughter. we have babysitting all weekend. back to back date nights. >> what are you going to do? >> wings, beer, football. think we are going to go high class. >> i would expect nothing less. here is your polka! >> it confirms your deepest fears, creepiest campaign in years it's the election polka ♪ ♪ one's a clueless plutocrat the other says you didn't build that ♪ ♪ it's the election polka
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♪ kids go trick or treating because it's candy they pursue ♪ ♪ what on romney's doorstep they hear no handouts for you ♪ ♪ obama gives away the store you're entitled take some more that's the election polka ♪ ♪ you can have some gum drops or a cookie freshly made just be sure you don't ask mitt to keep roe v. wade ♪ ♪ ryan had a real scare when biden said obamacare ♪ ♪ that's the election polka ♪ seems like just the 1% are making all the bucks like the vampire said, boy this economy sure sucks ♪ ♪ obama's bailouts romney's bane drive a stake in this campaign ♪ ♪ that's the election polka ♪ ah! ♪ happy birthday to you
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♪ happy birthday to you
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this morning on "world news now" -- what could be a halloween to remember. hurricane sandy is barrelling towards the east coast and calling the storm a monster would not be an exaggeration. >> this morning there are growing worries about the hurricanes impact on major u.s. cities. and increasing preparation in case of the worst. it's friday, october 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. happy friday, everybody. even though it doesn't seem like a happy friday, all the kind of news that we have to report today. man, it is kind of a dark day. there are fears this morning, first with the weather that
3:01 am
hurricane sandy could be what forecasters call a perfect storm. >> what does that mean? it means if conditions are right, this hurricane could pose a grave threat to the east coast mixing wind, rain, cold temperature, all of that. we will have much more on sandy in a moment. first a look at the other stories we are following this half-hour. an absolutely heartbreaking story here on new york's upper west side. a mother comes home from running errand to discover her two toddlers stabbed to death inside their apartment. police say the nanny did it and then tried to take her own life. >> heartbreaking. also this morning, 11 days until voters go to the polls. new numbers show governor romney pulling ahead by a hair. >> he does have good hair. >> he does, except for a lot of times he has the one piece that falls in front. >> the piece that is pushing him ahead. >> by a hair. we're going to talk to our senior washington editor about what each candidate did right this week and what might lie ahead.
3:02 am
the next crucial 11 days. >> here we go. lightening the mood a little bit. our friday morning edition of "insomniac theater." we will take a look at two new movies out there, one starring tom hanks, and my favorite berry, halle berry. that movie getting buzz. can't wait to share what one review heard to say. it wasn't too kind despite all of the positive reviews you may see on the tv commercial. >> thought she was your second favorite berry. >> what was my first? the latest on hurricane sandy, the deadly storm pounding the bahamas with high wind and heavy rain. >> sandy now blamed for the deaths of at least 21 people in the caribbean. most of those deaths weren cuba where, the island suffered heavy damage in the eastern province. jamaica and haiti were hard hit. >> the dangerous storm turns its attention to the east coast where emergency preparations are already going strong from the keys up to maine. residents who remember the damage from hurricane irene last
3:03 am
year are -- taking these warnings very seriously this time around. further inland they're bracing for the possibility of heavy snow in west virginia, pennsylvania, and as far inland in fact, as ohio. there is a large swath of the country that need to keep an eye on this thing. not just the coastal areas. as far inland as ohio. >> huge ramifications on halloween, dubbing it frankenstorm. trying to predict where the storm is going to go next. all different patterns. >> we don't know 100%. accuweather meteorologist jim dickey joining us this morning with the latest. jim. >> good morning, rob, paula. here its hurricane sandy, a large storm system, center of circulation moving its way northwest out of the, out of the bahamas. will continue to hug the coast of florida here. not making direct landfall. on florida. but still lashing the coast, with some heavy rain through the day, today, through the weekend, hug the coast of the carolinas. makes a turn more to the
3:04 am
north-northeast. flooding rainfall potentially. outer banks, north carolina. coastal south carolina as well. then we are tracking a system. moving out of the nation's midsection. the two storms are going to interact. eventually this pocket of cold air, disturbance in the jet stream, going to draw, sandy back inland. and that is going to -- eventually produce widespread impacts here across much of the northeast, new england, mid-atlantic. exactly where that recur. back to the coast occurs, not yet set in stone. the most likely scenario, anywhere from -- bangor, bar harbor maine, down the coast, delmarva peninsula where it brings sandy in. areas should pay close attention to the storm. likely impacts include flooding rainfall, powerful wind. trees down. widespread power outages. rob, paula. back to you. >> thank you, jim. if you are wondering just, the possible severity of the storm, an articlen t ein "the new york times," compared elements that
3:05 am
could come together. and remember "the perfect storm" based on a real storm 21 years ago. the elements with sandy are similar to elements that created that storm made so popular in the movie, back in 2000. >> yeah, the warm weather from those hurricane, the hurricane collides with the cold air. and then you have the jet stream. not a meteorologist. but apparently -- wind, rain, snow, a mix of things yeah. >> incredible. already putting like utility come pans a companies are putting their folks on alert. folks who asked for days off. no, you can't. you have to come back. they will start working preemptively. >> impacts halloween. impacts last minute travel plans. what have you. watching weather, forecast a lot yesterday. people are hoping, maybe it will turn back to sea. last forecast i saw was 10% chance of turning back to sea. it will hit some where. keep an eye from now, early monday tuesday.
3:06 am
>> we move on to a tear blow heablow -- terribly heartbreaking story, e described as blood curdling screams rocked a new york neighborhood. a young mother discovered her two young children stabbed to death and their nanny holding a bloody knife. abc's brandi hitt has the the story. >> reporter: a new york city mother cham home to find the unimaginable. her two young children stabbed to death in theirt side apartment allegedly by their own nanny. >> she entered the apartment, enters the bathroom and find her 6-year-old daughter and her 2-year-old son stabbed to death in the tub. >> the little boy and girl were killed. and the nypd says their mother also found the nanny uncon stkcs nearby with a knife still in her hand. >> on the floor of the bathroom is a nanny. apparently had -- inflicted
3:07 am
wound in her -- on her throat. >> reporter: the nanny police have not identified survived. investigators say she is in critical but stable condition at the hospital where she is also now under arrest. the family's 3-year-old daughter was not hurt, because she happened to be with her mother away from the apartment when this horrific crime occurred. police say they have notified the father who was also away at the time. and the beg question that still remains is why any one would do this? >> the investigation its just starting now. i can't, i can't answer that question. >> reporter: brandi hitt, abc new. >> no word for a story like that. moving on now, a judge has ordered a new york city police officer to stay locked up without bail. calling the charges against him, quote, profoundly disturbing. this man right here, the cop accused of plotting to kidnap, rain and torture women and then cook and eat their body parts. investigators say they uncovered some of the bizarre details of
3:08 am
the cannibalism scheme on a police database. so far no evidence that any women have actually ben harmed. what a dark day in new york city. >> disturbing day as well. now to the race to the finish line in the campaign for president. our latest poll shows the candidates are still very close, but governor romney's lead is growing. with 11 days to go, our new abc news/"washington post" poll shows romney with 50% support among likely voters versus 47% for president obama. but that 3 point difference is still within the margin of error. and mr. obama has made history becoming the first sitting president to cast a ballot in early voting. the commander-in-chief, stopped by his polling place in chicago, during the campaign swing in the midwest. we're told the most powerful man in the world still had to show -- his id. several times. and mitt romney campaigns today in, in iowa, rather, and then returns to ohio for another appearance. during a stop yesterday, romney encouraged voters to get to the polls early and to convince
3:09 am
undecided friend to support him over the president. >> you and i are both, blown away by information about what is going on in ohio. >> i want to say, a meaty endorsement, meat loaf never endorsed a political candidate, endorsed the governor last night. we don't want to get deepen ohio. they had a new push with absentee ballots. and 1.4 million people requested ballots. there are still 800,000 that haven't been returned. they have to be returned, they have to be dated november 5th. but don't have to be returned until november 16th. and the 800,000 votes could really swing the state weft m. we may not know. >> if ohio is as close as all the polls indicate right now it is going to be extremely tight and make or break state at this point. don't get excited that you are going to wake up wednesday morning on the seventh and know. judging by what, what was laid out to us today and by what is going on with the, ballots in the state, ten days after the election it may take to find out
3:10 am
who won. then after that. could be challenges, recounts that messy. >> you can borrow my snuggie. i have a feeling. the san francisco giants are heading to detroit feeling pretty good about themselves. sorry, paula. the tigers' fans, dedicated and otherwise, must be feeling a built nervous because the giants are up 2-0 in the world series. that looks like it hurt. >> no home runs last night. small balls. shut down. and madison baumgartner. tigers hoping to change, beginning with saturday night's game three. the giants trail 2-0. to 3-1 against saint louis. and came back. they're playing from a different position. maybe they will relinquish it. >> keeping the optimism. >> i like that. coming up, all tech talk, apple, microsoft trying to get back in the game. how the company hopes the new
3:11 am
operating system. windows 8 changes the game. >> first a very eventful week in politics, we'll skype with senior editor rick klein to get his take how the campaign is shaking out as the it wind down. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ >> "world news now" weather brought to you by just for men auto stop. follow the wings.
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welcome back. we mentioned earlier 11 days to go until election day. time for race analysis. a built of a look back and a look ahead. >> indeed. no one better for that than rick klein. he jones us this morning, via skype as always. rick, thank you for joining us. we certainly appreciate it. as we know everyone is crunching the numbers, 8,000 polls out every day. what's the latest in terms of the national numbers and in the state of ohio which is looking more and more like it will decide this election. >> it is the tale of two different polling directions right now. we have national polls that have mitt romney pulling ahead a little bit including our own abc news/"washington post" poll. cracking 50% for the first time. then when you look in the critical battleground, particularly in ohio. you are seeing president obama maintain a lead. so there seems to be a fire wall built around the state of ohio where the national trends, even things that are going on in other battleground. don't seem to be hitting home in
3:16 am
ohio at least just yet. so that means we have the possibility of, an electoral college winner who is different than the popular vote winner. it is becoming a more probability by the days. polls show romney getting more votes. president obama with the edge in the key battleground. >> real quick, why do you think the fire wall exists in ohio. what is the there in that state? >> the ste is different for a couple reasons. for one reason, the unemployment rate is different than actual rate. all arguments about the economy that mitt romney is making may have less resonance. the auto industry. one in eight folks in ohio have a job some what tied to the auto industry. bailout huge for president obama, the old on-ed, said let detroit go bankrupt. coming become to haunt him over and over. and neither of the candidates has a demographic lock on ohio. they have trouble with white working class voters, predominant voert in hter in oh.
3:17 am
both are struggling to make the connection. >> a big chance, the buckeye state may bea bear. we may not know the results until november 16. at the earliest. but, in terms of moving on, a lot of people are going to be, talking about the president's comments to "rolling stone" magazine. in which he said, and ref riner to romney. i have to clean it up. they look at the other guy and say that is a bull crapper i can tell. in response to the editor, editor's child, wanted to replay to the president he can do it. and that's his response. do you think there is going to be any sort of fallout? >> i think for the audience, the rolling stone audience. the fact that the president uses some salty language in reference to mitt romney is unlikely to be scandalous. it may get a little bit of traction. i haven't seen a lot of folks, it is an inappropriate presidential comment. we have seen in recent years, a vice president had much more colorful things to say to a united states senator. maybe we are not scandalized by bad language any more.
3:18 am
in terms of the ferocity of the charge. let's not forget, this was the candidate of hope and change four years age he is closing with a severely sarcastic message. talking about romnesia everywhere he goes and calling his rival a bs-er is another level that won't make it into campaign rhetoric. >> are the republicans being hurt by the mourdock abortion comments and, are they hurt by the time line in libya, who, what, where, when? >> the mourdock comment is political, the issue of abortion and war over women, democrats have been trying to stoke. republicans want this to go away. mitt romney has done the best to distance him stefl frself from comments. as for libya, didn't bring it up. hit it straight on. during the debate earlier this week. hasn't been focusing a lot of time on it when heap is out on the trail. >> abc news, senior washington editor, rick klein. thank you for joining us from
3:19 am
studio klein out there in washington right? >> you know it. >> thank you, rick again. appreciate it. "insomniac theater" is coming up next. keep it right here on "world news now."
3:20 am
welcome back. tgif, time for "insomniac theater." talk about the new horror flick, "silent hill." in a moment. first the new movie "cloud atlas" if you don't know what it is about. i don't know either. let me read you the description. it explores how action and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, present and future. action, mystery, romance, weave dramatically through the story as one soul is shaped from a killer into a heroen a single act of kindness, ripples across
3:21 am
isn't chur centuries to inspire an event in the future. everybody good. let me get to the reviews here. 59% on rotten tomatoes, ap critic summarized, maybe if you are 20 years old and high in your dorm room with your friend, platitudes might seem profound. any one else in his or right mind should recognize it as a bloated pseudo intellectual self-indulgent slog. not looking good. folks don't get it. >> something lighter, not really, "silent hill revelation 3 d" sequence to silent hill, based on a video game. a girl and her father have been on the run. always a step ahead of dangerous forces. she doesn't quite comprehend. on the eve of her 18th birthday. she has terrible nightmares. and plagued by the disappearance of her dad. and discovers she is not who she thinks she is. no rating on rotten tomatoes. horror, intense scenes, not suitable for children.
3:22 am
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♪ to the window >> well done. nice song selection. yes indeed. >> for you. >> appreciate that, thank you. >> finally this half-hour, microsoft's windows 8, the biggest change to the computer industry dominant operating system in two decade. think we have windows 1. >> next to my typewriter. a glitzy lengthy rollout for it here in new york yesterday. we isn't one of our young tech pros to check it out. >> hey, everyone, it's tina. i'm here in new york city at microsoft's big windows 8 launch event. this is a brand new operating system. we are going to take a look at
3:26 am
it right now. with windows eight, the start button used to in the lower left hand corner is gone. and what you have instead is a start screen with all of the programs and apps you are used to in one place. >> windows 8 is a brand new operating system. people who have used windows before are going to have off to get used to a lot of new things. that can be a little jarring. after you play around, you get the hang of touch screen features about way to use the keyboard with the operating system. off awe o >> one of the main features is the bar, on the right side. swipe right, you will see main controls there. you have search, share, your start button, devices and your main computer settings. >> on the left side -- you can swipe to bring back all of the previous apps that you were using. a quick swipe out and back in. it will bring up a list of the most recently used apps, jump from here from one to the next.
3:27 am
another cool new feature of windows 8 is ability to have two apps on the screen at the same time. i will bng up abc news. drag it to the left side. and there you go. now i have access to abc news and i can still continue working on my excel spread sheet here on the right-hand side. you can find more tips and tricks on line. for people who already have windows, an upgrade to windows 8 will cost you $40. tina trin, abc new, new york. >> think we should spring for it, $40. >> as slow as these things are. whatever upgrade our computers here at the des tick. i enjoy the commodore 2000. >> the whiteout strips. that's the news for this half-hour. remember to follow us on facebook at >> at twitter@abcwnn fans. coming up next, more from abc.
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this morning on "world news now" -- a horrifying crime shatters a new york family and shocks the city. >> a mother finds her small children stabbed to death. police say it was the nanny who then turned the knife on herself. it is friday, october 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good friday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. we're going to get new details of the heartbreaking crime here in new york in just a moment. also this half-hour, hurricane sandy is striking fear up and down the east coast. the predictions that have millions of people bracing for a monster mega storm with billion dollar damages in its wake.
3:31 am
>> exactly. the estimate so far, right now. and we are keeping our fingers crossed this thing would head out to sea. now they're saying there is a very slim chance it is going to do that. so this thing is going to hit somewhere along the east coast, probably, anywhere, i think, the range is anywhere from sunday until tuesday. a mess for a lot of us in the east. also this half-hour, caught on tape. school bus drivers who should be keeping kids safe. of course, but putting children in danger as they barrel through red lights and break the speed limit. we have the video to prove it all. look at that. >> what is so disconcerting about that too, i have been on several buses if they don't have seatbelts they don't require kids to wear seatbelts when they do have them. >> i have never understood why. if all things school buses. >> no idea. makes no sense. >> yeah. >> later, speaking of not understanding, barbara walters shares her new view of donald trump. tearing into him on national tv, telling him he is making a fool of himself. her fighting words coming up in "the skinny." she says she had a long time
3:32 am
friendship with donald, but this particular issue she just says he needs to stop. he's becoming a caricature. >> barbara responding to the donald's comments, challenge to the president. earlier this week she did not mince words at all. first residents of a new york city apartment building were settling in for a quiet evening when suddenly they heard what they describe as blood curdling screams. >> the screams turned out to be a young mom returning home to find what can only be described as an utterly horrific scene. wabc's report has the details. 5:30 p.m., horror on the city's upper west side. [ sirens blaring ] in the middle of the evening rush -- a frantic dash to save lives. and to figure out what happened in this luxury apartment building on west 75th street. >> i just saw people rushing to the streets right here. and, you know personnel coming.
3:33 am
people, and i thought maybe it was like something exciting going on. >> reporter: it was murder on the second floor in an apartment, a woman comes home to find two of her children murdered in a bathtub, the nanny on the floor, a kitchen knife nearby. >> a mother returned with her 3-year-old child from swimming lessons. she enters her apartment. the apartment is dark, a time when she goes looking for her children, and enters the bathroom and find her 6-year-old daughter and her son stabbed to death in the tub. on the floor of the bathroom is the, a nanny. apparently had -- inflicted wounds in her, on her throat. >> reporter: according to police the children had been stabbed multiple times. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: in a neighborhood residents looked on as police investigated. the nypd is trying to find answers as a community grapples with the reality.
3:34 am
>> i just see them playing in the hallway. >> reporter: she and others watched as the nanny was carted away on a stretcher. as the murdered children's mother left the scene with a sheet covering the head of her surviving children. the victims identified as leo and lucia crim. the nancy is in custody. has not been charged and remains in critical but stable condition at a local hospital. as for a motive for the case, investigators say they don't have one. at least not yet. for everyone, particularly all the moms out there, just, a heartbreaking reaction to that kind of story. it's just, no words. >> one of the most excruciating things that we have to do as working moms is hire somebody that we trust, hire a babysitter and a nanny. when i leave for work, i fully put my kids in my nanny's hands. it's frightening that, just like that, a woman could snap.
3:35 am
>> new york is a city full of nannies. you can't walk around new york without seeing a nanny pushing kids in the stroller, walking the kids. and -- it's just heartbreaking too. the thing that one of the tidbits that came out during the day was that the dad was away and flying home to new york. he is on a plane. >> doesn't know. >> doesn't know what happened. imagine he gets off the plane at the airport here in new york, i assume someone from the police had to greet him and break the news to him. he is just getting off a flight, the whole thing is beyond description. >> the mother came home around 5:30, the lights were off the she went down to the doorman, because, in new york city you live in buildings and have doormen. she said did you see the nanny with the kids leave. he said no. she went back upstairs, turned the lights on and found them all in the bathroom, the nanny, 50 years old, clutching that bloody knife.
3:36 am
>> you heard she tried to kill herself unsuccessfully. >> her neck. >> and, again, wonder in a situation like this what is possibly. >> the motive? >> besides mental, obviously illness or insanity, what else could be the motive to take the two young lives. lots of questions. we will be on the story throughout the day. >> just heartbreaking now. our other major story is the growing death toll from hurricane sandy. at least 11 people died in cuba including a 4-month-old boy who was crushed when his home collapsed. many homes were destroyed. and even a train was derailed, due to the winds and rain. the storm is now hitting the central bahamas with wind up to 90 miles an hour. and here in the u.s., power companies, from the southeast to new england, are working to head off those long term power failures, ahead of the storm. they're being proactive. crews are being put on emergency stand by throughout the weekend. emergency officials are warning the public to be prepared. and president obama was briefed aboard "air force one." >> he said he is working with fema to get them ready. in case this does become, a disaster that we fear at this point. kind of silly, the name floating
3:37 am
around is frankenstorm, seems so silly. yesterday, we had atmospheric bomb. that sound really dramatic. and now frankenstorm. basically what this thing is going to be -- heavy winds, high winds, heavy rain, extreme tides, maybe snow, fact there is a full moon is not helping matters either. and waters could even be higher. don't know where it will go. slim chance it will head to sea. so that left hand turn it is making towards the west that appears to be very likely. just a matter of exactly when and where. but really anywhere from sunday till tuesday it is going to be rough along the east coast as far inland as ohio. >> they're expecting upwards of $1 billion in damage hurricane sandy will leave. in its wake. >> can we worse than irene. did damage up here last year. a look now at your weather on this friday morning while things are still relatively calm. what a rough news day, man. miami daytona, and orlando could see squalls as a result of hurricane sandy. a new storm system brings rain
3:38 am
and snow to the pacific northwest. meanwhile, santa ana winds blow through southern california again. >> mild and humid in baltimore, new york city, boston. billings warms up to 34. sounds like a warm-up. and so much colder than usual. >> break out the tank tops. >> omaha, kansas city in the 40s. >> the race to the finish line in the campaign for president. our latest poll shows the candidates are still close. governor romney's lead is growing. with 11 days to go our abc news/"washington post" poll showing romney with 50% support among likely voters versus 47% for president obama. but that 3-point difference is still within the margin of error. another key race with national implications unfolding in massachusetts. republican incumbent scott brown is facing democrat elizabeth warren in what is becoming one of the single most expensive races ever. here is abc's john karl. >> reporter: it is an epic battle. elizabeth warren, liberal
3:39 am
crusader who took on wall street against scott brown, the republican with a pickup truck who won a near miraculous victory two years ago and was finding out how hard it was for a republican to win again in massachusetts. >> you got a little dent in this thing? >> thing about being a republican you get dented around. brown is a moderate, but warren portrays him a tool of fat cat republicans. >> the vision of my republican opponent and the republican party can be boiled down to this. i got mine. the rest of you are on your own. >> reporter: warren has electrified progressives. with her passionate and unapologetic liberalism. >> this is class warfare. no there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. nobody. brown says warren would beep just another hyper partisan senator and is an arrogant harvard professor to boot. >> excuse me, i am not a student in your classroom, please let me respond. >> reporter: brown tries so hard to be independent he takes on
3:40 am
his own party's leadership, including senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. >> do you think you will support mitch mcconnell? >> i let him know, i am disgusted by everything that is going on. he is going to have to earn my vote. >> reporter: disgusted by what? >> by the gridlock -- total gridlock. plenty of blame on both sides. >> reporter: as warren constantly remind voters this race is about more than scott brown. >> people all around the country understand that this race may be for control of the united states senate. >> reporter: in fact, democrats believe defeating scott brown will virtually guarantee they keep control of the senate. and they're probably right. jonathan karl, abc news, capitol hill. a hot, hot race. she is, raised more money than any other candidate other than, obama and romney. that's how crazy that race is getting in massachusetts. speaking of crazy. coming up in the "the skinny," barbara walters gives donald trump a piece of her mind. >> first lives at risk.
3:41 am
how some school bus drivers are speeding their way through the school day. we have the pictures to prove it. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brut to -- brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. -- colonial penn life insurance. follow the wings.
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well there is a well there is a line in the who's magic bus, i don't want to cause no fuss. here is a tiny fuss that should
3:45 am
be caused because of the safety of children. the issue, kids riding the school bus and those buses being driven recklessly. abc's jim avila has the story. >> hug and kiss. >> reporter: parents trust them with precious lives. >> our bus drivers like really good. i never have seen him speed. >> reporter: when moms and dads see pictures like this, school buss barreling through red lights and caught hitting speed s 20 miles or more over the speed limit, it is shocking. >> potentially on our bus, 50 lives that you have just put in danger. >> this is baltimore where our affiliate investigated hundred of speeding and red light camera violations caught on tape. some of them had kids in the bus as it zoomed by the cameras. >> we were absolutely stunned by the number of tickets that we found. >> reporter: it is not just baltimore, our cincinnati affiliate, bought a radar gun. they too were surprised at the number of speeding bus drivers all over town.
3:46 am
>> scares me for the sake of our children. >> reporter: no wonder it is scary, kids aren't required to wear seatbelts in most school buses. this ohio bus with an interior camera captured what can happen in aaccident. but the pictures may hide the facts here. an average of only five students die on board school buses every year. safer here than in any parents' car. >> the statistics don't lie. the school bus is the safest vehicle. >> reporter: a safety record, all agree, endangered when school bus drivers ignore the law. jim avila, abc news, washington. >> you like to think that you are putting your kids in good hand. you put them on the bus. that's crazy. >> i remember in chicago, i saw an erratic bus driver, i nearly called the authorities. because speeding, cutting people off. >> should have. >> it was incomprehensible. he didn't have any children on board at the time. still you can't abuse those privileges especially. need to have some sort of law mandating that children wear seatbelts. you always wear seatbelts. >> i never wore a seatbelt on
3:47 am
the school bus, all those years, through high school. >> when you get in a car, my kids put seatbelts on. in car seats still. >> don't get that. take it to capitol hill, paula faris. fight the fight. >> i'm going to fight the fight and keep fighting in "the skinny." some good, juicy hollywood news. >> that's right. stay tuned. we'll be right back with -- ♪ the skinny >> the what? >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ ♪ skinny ♪ ♪ so skinny ♪ ♪ skinny ♪ ♪ so skinny >> i had an awful time getting to sleep yesterday. i'm exhausted to night. flipping through the channels and hoping to catch the ladies of "the view." >> you tivo. >> caught it. i was glad i did. i caught barbara walters, kind of giving donald trump a tongue lashing, obviously. he made news this week, challenging the president. hey, release your college records and your passport records and, $5 million to your favorite charity. that's how donald tried to make news this week. so, that didn't sit well with barbara because this is what she said. >> you and i have known each other for many years. you know i am your friend. and i think you are a brilliant businessman. and you are great on television. and you have a fascinating personality. donald, you are making a fool of yourself. donald, you are not hurting
3:50 am
obama, you are hurting donald. that hurts me because you are a decent man. stop it. >> the last part was get off it, donald. of course, never media shy or bashful. donald fired back on twitter saying barbara, unfortunately you missed the entire point of my announcement. you just don't get it. he goes on to say the view will apologize to me just like she did when i was right about rosie, meaning rosie o'donnell. beside i get great ratings on "the view." perhaps a little war of words donald trump.ra walters and >> and even george w. didn't release his college records. this was crazy just like the whole tax. >> yeah, not getting into it, it's the donald. let's not ever take it too seriously. >> should we take this seriously. >> kim kardashian walks out of the store wearing a large diamond ring on her right pinky. >> right pinky. >> maybe engaged?
3:51 am
>> she is still married technically. >> that's why the divorce isn't final with chris humphries. interesting. >> a rock like that. may need help with her dress. can you zip it up? >> i would love to. >> the hot hollywood couple, kanye and kim. well, they're together. but you know who is not together any more, taylor swift and connor kennedy. apparently brock up according to a report in us weekly. he is 18. she is 22. one of the biggest stars on the planet right now. ♪ getting back together >> just as annoying when you sing it. apparently no hard feelings. wasn't a bad breakup. distance thing. she is working a lot. >> maybe 16. >> and it is legal. but she is a single woman. broke up some time ago. still kidding buying a mansion next to the kennedy compound in
3:52 am
massachusetts. >> arnold schwarzenegger for the third time playing conan the barbarian. look at this video. i think i was meant for playing conan, you know. yep, 65, conan. >> he does look to use his sword. 65. conan the barbarian. >> he does look to use his sword.
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3:55 am
>> do you have a kink in your neck or something? what is wrong with you? >> finally this half-hour, the week, monday, 15 days until the presidential election. now, 11. lot of math majors on staff. >> plenty of politics, complete of an epic fall from grace and some would say a nonsensical commercial, all part of our friday rewind. >> our navy is smaller now than any time since 1917. >> well, governor we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. >> he has been reduced to try to defend character on sesame
3:56 am
street, and -- and word games of various kinds. the truth is that attacks on me are not an agenda. >> we joke about romnesia, you know what, this is something important, this is about trust. you know, there is no more serious issue in a presidential campaign. than trust. >> i believe that life begins at conception. i think, even when life begins in that horrible situation -- of rape, that it is something that that god intended to happen. >> we heard a loud shriek. >> i saw the girl coming out from the salon. she was bleeding in the neck. and with a paper towel over her neck. and she was very hurt. >> unfortunately -- we are becoming all too familiar with this type of situation and we treat victims with gun violence every day here at our hospital. >> lance armstrong has no place in cycling. he deserves to be forgotten in cycling. >> people ask me a lot, how are you doing? i tell them, i have been better.
3:57 am
but i have also been worse. >> planets disappear. dreams take over. but wherever i go, there you are. >> and the dreams wake up and smile at reality. i'm sorry, is there really no script? because i'm talking to myself for two hours straight. i am starting to sound insane. >> they have generated millions of impressions and gotten free publicity. this was a home run. >> brad pitt. >> no bad press. brad counting the paycheck. chanel back in the news. everyone is happy despite all the weirdness in that very strange ad. >> you thing it was weird? >> just a touch. >> slightly. >> just slightly. that's the news for this half-hour, don't miss our update on facebook at >> thank you for joining us, everybody. have a great friday. >> more from abc next. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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